As expected, New York City has withdrawn into a sloppy welter of neverending rain. Yesterday's swampy humidity morphed into raucous precipitation overnight, only to be followed by more disgusting "why not just move to Florida at this point?" humidity this morning. The NYC Office of Emergency Management issued a travel advisory for today, and has solemnly activated NYC's Flash Flood Emergency Plan. Read this aloud to your loved ones in the friscalating bunker light of your superintendent's storm shelter:

The heaviest period of rain is expected overnight Tuesday through the early morning rush. Periodic rain will continue through Wednesday evening and will taper off Wednesday night. A total of 1 to 2 inches of rain is expected with this event. Urban flooding is expected in low-lying and poor drainage areas. Flash flooding cannot be ruled out during the periods of heaviest rain. The City’s Flash Flood Emergency Plan has been activated to ensure a quick, effective, and coordinated response to any flash flood events. The plan is activated when it is forecasted to rain one inch per hour for the duration of an hour or longer.

Drivers are warned to avoid flooded streets because "the actual depth of the water may not be apparent. Turn around, don’t drown!" Pedestrians, meanwhile, are reminded that "flood water can be contaminated. Avoid contact with sewer water, as it poses a serious health risk." There goes our weekend. Read the whole warning here and follow @NotifyNYC on Twitter.


so this is the beginning of the never ending rain? bring it on #HurricaneJoaquin 👊🏼☔️💦

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Meanwhile, here comes Joaquin... It's now a Hurricane. We'll have more later on its potential impact in NYC.