NYC crime

Even with 4,000 fewer police officers, the crime rate in NYC continues to drop. Cops are the true heroes of New York. The Daily News reports major crime is down 5.6% comparged to last year, which continues the 10 year trend decline in serious crime first scene in the Giuliani administration. The Mayor's office will probably be touting these statistics as proof that he can effectively fight crime, contrary to what his critics think. Some more interesting numbers from the DN:

–Murder has had a startling 69.6% decline over the last decade.
There are 38.6% fewer rapes now than there were in 1993.
Even felonious assaults have plummeted 70.1% in the past 10 years.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly credits an initiative, Operation Impact, which redeployed more than 800 cops - many of them new recruits - into 21 high-crime zones, as what has helped the city crime stay down.