IGN has a great gallery of pictures of Luxoflux's new True Crime: NYC game-- a followup to their successful True Crimes: Streets of LA. According to the review, the game designers have gone all out and reproduced a fully detailed virtual Manhattan, including all the familiar landmarks-- Times Square, Chinatown, the Flatiron, St. Patricks, as well as some less familiar ones-- like 597 pizzarias and 50,000 other buildings. And where the gameplay on the last version was found to be pretty shoddy, apparently this version is much improved, with better driving and fighting action. Only one criticism so far, this one from Wired Magazine: "the traffic's almost as wicked here as in the analog version."

The game drops on November 15th, so unless you have a friend at Luxoflux, you've got a few weeks before you can start raising hell on a virtual 42nd Street. Just let us know if there are as many rats as in real life. And our previous post on True Crime: NYC focused on Marcus Reed's travels to Nolita.