2007_08_queenscollege.jpgThe Princeton Review released its annual "The Best 366 Colleges" rankings, and NYC college schools make some interesting showings. The New School is number 1 for "Best College Town" (Barnard, Columbia, and NYU are also in the top 10), while Queens College is the third most sober.

Here are some rankings for some area schools:
Barnard: Best Quality of Life (16), Great College Towns (2), Nobody Plays Intramural Sports (18)
Brooklyn College: Professor Get Low Marks (11), Professors Make Themselves Scarce (13)
Columbia: Toughest to Get Into (7), Best College Library (8), Great College Town (6)
Hunter: Long Lines and Red Tape (18), Diverse Student Population (8), Campus is Tiny, Unsightly or Both (4)
NYU: Students Dissatisfied with Financial Aid (1), Gay Community Accepted (2), Intercollegiate Sports Unpopular or Nonexistant (11), Nobody Plays Intramural Sports (5), Dodgeball Targets (7), Long Lines and Red Tape (8), Professors Make Themselves Scarce (14)
New School: Class Discussions Encouraged (3), Long Lines and Red Tape (2), Gay Community Accepted (13), Lots of Race/Class Interaction (19), Students Ignore God on a Regular Basis (6), Most Politically Active (7), Nobody Plays Intramural Sports (2), Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians (10), Dodgeball Targets (1), Most Politically Active (7)
Queens College: Election? What Election? (13), Don't Inhale (12), Scotch and Soda, Hold the Scotch (3)
Wagner College: This is a Library? (14), Best College Theater (2), Most Beautiful Campus (6)

You can check out all the rankings at PrincetonReview.com (you need to register, but it's free). And the biggest party school? West Virginia.