NYC has the second highest cell phone tax rate in America, according to a study released by Representative Anthony Weiner, the Vice Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet. His report shows that New Yorkers pay ten cell phone taxes and fees—more than any other major city in the country. And the tax rate is 16.20%, second only to Chicago, which clocks in at 19.02%.

For a $50 phone bill, the average New Yorker pays more than $10 in taxes every single month. And because some of the fees are a set price, customers with smaller phone bills pay comparatively more in taxes and levies. Weiner is a cosponsor of the Cell Tax Fairness Act, which would prevent state and local governments from singling out wireless services for new taxes. It would not, however, roll back or reduce current wireless taxes or fees, and current revenues derived from wireless consumers would stay the same.

"Our cell phone bills have monthly fees for everything from city and state sales taxes to multiple surcharges. It's gotten out of control," Weiner said in a statement.