As if all those lovely trinkets New York City might be branded onto aren't enough, there might be a new slogan for this fair city of ours..."The World's Second Home." The city has submitted an application to trademark the phrase. Why, oh why must we be known as "The World's Second Home?" The NY Times did some heavy research, searching Lexis Nexis and finding that New York comes up as the 2nd home in all but one article, which gives London the title.

Could this possibly be the worst slogan of all time? Hell, why not trademark some more while we're at it: "world's best place not to smoke in bars," "world's fastest rising subway fares," "New York City, your infinitesimal plus one home," the list could go on and on. The number two kind of reminds Gothamist about poop. That's not a good association, is it? We want to be number one! The urine city because that's what part of it smells like!

And if you're thinking about number one, check out the Urinetown soundtrack