2007_02_nyccondomposter.jpgYesterday, the Department of Health handed out the new NYC Condom all over town (video, too), excitedly pointing out that NYC is the first city to brand its own condom! Woo! Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden explained the move towards a branded condom, "Branding condoms is a great way to encourage their use. You know it's good quality, and you know it's a name you can trust." Frieden was also punny, saying, "We are unveiling, unfurling, unrolling, if you will, rolling out the New York City condom."

A 24 year old who saw volunteers giving out condoms at the Second Avenue subway station said, "Everyone from 60-year-old women down to teenagers are loving them." Nineteen year old Johnnie Brown told the Post, "I'm going to be using them profusely."

Not everyone is happy with the Health Department's efforts: Catholic League president Bill Donohue said, "What's next? The city's own brand of clean syringes? Every illiterate in America already knows about the wonders of condoms. At a time when police and firemen are underpaid, is this really the best use of city money?" Frieden's response: "For people who say, 'Oh, this is not a good use of taxpayer dollars,' let me assure you that this will save the city substantial resources in preventing infections ... and unwanted pregnancies."

You can find out where to pick up your own free NYC Condom at, yes, a NYC Condom website: NYCCondom.org.

Posters from the NYC Condom campaign