An Amtrak train bound for New York City last Thursday took a wrong turn, carrying its unwitting passengers on a backwoods tour through the wilds of suburban Philadelphia instead.

A keystone train carrying 130 passengers departed Philadelphia's 30th Street Station around 11:45 a.m., the expectation being that it was heading toward NYC. But apparently the conductor missed a signal (it's hard to see them all), and wound up leaving Amtrak-operated rails altogether, going rogue and eventually landing at the scenic Bala Cynwyd station, serviced by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.

According to the AP, the kindly folks down in Bala Cynwyd directed the crew back in the direction of Philly-proper, where everyone disembarked and tried it again on a different train.

An Amtrak spokesperson told the Philadelphia Inquirer (subscription required) that the train's crew won't be handling anymore trips until they've undergone additional training, which we imagine entails someone turning the map right side up.