Summer will end one day, as proven by the blessed chill in the air this week. But thanks to the Parks Department, it'll stretch on just a tad bit longer—as was the case last year, they'll be keeping beaches open an extra week. And if you can't get all the way to Coney Island or Rockaway, the Department also plans to keep the pools open a little longer, too.

Usually, our beaches and pools have shuttered to the public on Labor Day, but the Parks Department says you have until Sunday, September 11th to finish Girl On The Train while fittingly drinking a Nutcracker. All 36 intermediate and Olympic-sized pools will also stay open until then, although mini pools will close on the 5th.

The only city-run beaches that won't stay open are Cedar Grove and Wolfe's Pond in Staten Island. Sorry, Staten Island! At least you're getting a Two Boots?

Note that mid-September is the best time to go to the beach, and not just because I'm less likely to leave with a third-degree burn then. The water is much warmer at the end of the season than it is in June, when attempting to jump in a wave is akin to sticking your body in an ice bucket.