is claiming they've just completed a project that has improved wireless service in New York City—have you noticed a difference?

According to the AP, the company "has given more room on the airwaves to its 3G network, used by the iPhone and some other phones, in the boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens." In doing so, service quality has allgedly steadily improved over the past six months—meaning less dropped calls and improved voice and data performance.

However, CNET reminds that earlier this month the company instituted a new pricing scheme, limiting the amount of data its users consume, and charging extra to those who go over their quotas (part of their "improvement" plan, no doubt). And the iPhone 4G is still flying off the shelves, which means AT&T will have more users to accommodate—so enjoy this new quality of service (if it even exists) while you can!

For those still not satisfied with AT&T, allegedly Verizon will get their shot at the iPhone in January.