Excellent timing for Thanksgiving week air travel. Senator Charles Schumer has taken various data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to confirm what we all suspected: LaGuardia, Kennedy, and Newark airports have the worst on-time arrival records amongst the 33 busiest airports. He says our three area airports are "not functioning as world-class airports." The facts: 30% of JFK's flights arrived late, while 33% of Laguardia's were late...and Newark placed last with 34% late flights; the national average is 25%. The FAA says that there are other factors involved not included in the statistics, such as weather issues and how slight weather issues affecting crews (if a crew is delayed, they may not be able to work the next flight). But Schumer wants the FAA to pony up money for funding for the three lagging airports, so perhaps the FAA has reason to accentuate the positive. Schumer is concerned that the crappy airport performance will negatively affect the tourism economy. And he probably doesn't want Senators Santorum or Specter to start crowing about Philadelphia International Airport as a good option for NYC tourists to fly into.

Senator Schumer's website doesn't have this report online yet, which makes us wonder what good is it to issue this report when it's not online!