As one of the biggest things New Yorkers like to talk about is how much they pay for rent ("It's such a great deal!" or "It's too much, but, hey, I'm in SoHo..."), Gothamist was excited to learn the Newsday started a real estate blog. Or did they? Their real estate section is definitely robust, but what they seem to refer to as blog posts are actually just regular articles with a comments function - not that we're complaining, since Linda Perney's piece about landing an apartment was the real estate porn we love. We especially liked her realization as she decides to move out of Brooklyn:

Still, I'm an unreconstructed Manhattanite; that's where most of my friends are, it's where I socialize and shop. I also hate the subway, especially at night. So, what I'm saving in rent, I'm doubtless squandering on cabs. At heart, I belong across the river.

Ah, a feeling Gothamist knows so well. Another great NYC real estate resource is the Village Voice real estate section, and for fun, look at the latest VV Shelter article. But lately, the NYC rental market lives and dies by craigslist's real estate ads.

Ask Gothamist recently pondered what to do when a friend refuses to give up real estate scoops. Plus, in the wake of news that NYC apartments now cost an average of $1 million to purchase, Post looks at what $1 million can buy you; apparently, it's all a matter of managing expectations, managing compromises, not minding if the space is unfinished, etc. One real estate agent explains the age-old adage, "Manhattan's an island, so you can't spread out."