The horror! We know that New Yorkers are desperate for great apartments and will put up with a lot for keep them. And we know that some landlords are worse than others. But this is too much: A Brooklyn woman claims her landlord offered her a rent break if she had sex with him, resulting in an altercation. The landlord, Robert Zapata, was arrested and charged with forcible touching and sexual abuse. Zapata's family claims the tenant had bounced a check and had been arguing about that. Yikes. The tenant sounds strong, though: "I love it here. I love the neighbors. He's not going to chase me out." And speaking like a true NYer, grizzled through rent hell, she tells the Post, "This is his building, but as long as I pay the rent and take care of the property he's supposed to leave me alone." Gothamist just recommends you keep your options open when the lease is up (the apartment in question: A one bedroom on Smith Street for $1,000).

Ask Gothamist on apartment hunting tips. And on a much lighter note, to see what people will do to keep their jobs, watch The Apartment with Jack Lemmon.