A couple rented out their Lower East Side apartment on Airbnb for the better part of July, and returned to find that more than $5,000 worth of their belongings had been lifted. Cops believe the Airbnb guest stole the goods, including a Louis Vuitton purse, an iPad, and a hair straightener.

Police are investigating the alleged grand larceny, which they say took place some time between July 8th and when the hosts returned home on July 30th. It's worth noting that renting out an entire apartment for fewer than 30 days is technically illegal under the city's Multiple Dwelling Law. This hasn't stopped Airbnb users in NYC from doing so, though—according to a partial Airbnb data dump late last year, 55% of all NYC hosts were renting out their entire apartments as of last December.

DNAinfo first reported on the July theft, which police confirmed totaled $5,059. In addition to the designer bag and iPad, the hosts are also missing some clothes, and an Xbox.

Also in July, Airbnb guests reportedly lifted a combined $28,400 in possessions from two Williamsburg Airbnbs, in separate incidents. In one, a 25-year-old host living on Ten Eyck Street reported that her $800 Canada Goose parka, MacBook laptop, Samsung TV and $3,000 dollar Celine handbag had been stolen, valued collectively at $5,850. The other host, who lives in a Kent Avenue loft, reported an even more valuable theft: a phone, a kindle, a $10,000 camera, two Chanel bags, Chanel perfume, and jewelry, among other miscellaneous items, totaling $22,550.

The recent Lower East Side haul exceeded the value of a similar theft in July, from an Airbnb on Lorimer Street in Williamsburg listed as the Williamsburg Guesthouse. In that instance, a guest allegedly took off with $1,525 in sheets and duvets, as well as towels, some electronics, and a six-pack of toilet paper. In February, an Airbnb guest reportedly hosted a party while Airbnbing at the 475 Kent lofts. During the party guests allegedly stole almost $5,000 in gold jewelry and electronics.

Airbnb has an insurance policy that covers up to $1 million in damages, albeit with terms and conditions. According to the company's website, protections don't apply to pets, cash, or theft from common areas in an apartment. Jewelry, collectables and artwork have "more limited protections," and guests are urged to get their own, separate insurance for those items.

As for the Lower East Side theft, Airbnb spokesman Nick Shapiro said that the circumstances likely qualify for reimbursement. Cops are still seeking the renter, whose name has not been released. He's believed to be 19 years old, with dreadlocks, about 5'9" tall.

"We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and have removed this guest from our platform," he stated. "We are working with the police on this matter and are supporting the host under our $1 million host guarantee."

Airbnb could not immediately confirm how many alleged Airbnb thefts have taken place this year to date, but a spokesman for the company said that it's up to the host to report it.