Fayetteville at nightNon-profit think tank Milken Institute has issued a study on which U.S. cities are the "best performing" - the main criteria being where "jobs are being created, economies are growing and businesses are thriving." New York ranks 175th of 200 for all metro areas, and 9th of 10 for most populous metro areas. The number one city? Fayetteville, Arkansas, home of Wal-Mart. Gothamist will proudly say, "We're Number 175/Number 9!"

Newsday takes a look at the list and tries to make New Yorkers feel better with this quote from Partnership for New York's president, Kathryn Wylde: "In terms of the ... fundamental opportunity for highly skilled, highly educated people, there is no city on the list that holds a candle to New York."

The Top 200 cities. The whole report on the Best Performing Cities.