Theresa Casivant, the 24-year-old bedspread-covered woman who allegedly violently attacked NY1 reporter Vivian Lee yesterday (after playing with her makeup in a NY1 van) has been charged with assault. Meanwhile Lee, a four-year veteran of the local news station, has begun talking about the attack. Next on her to do list? Learning self-defense: "Today has shown me how important it is to use some basic self-defense techniques," she said after leaving the hospital for a precautionary checkup.

"I thought maybe she was mentally ill," Lee told reporters as she left Long Island College Hospital yesterday regarding the woman she found inside her news van while on location to report on the tragic death of a state prosecutor. "I just wanted her out of the truck. I said, ‘What is your issue? Are you lost? Are you homeless? Are you sick?'" At which point, Lee says, the woman slammed into and began hitting her neck with her wrist. Luckily her crew was able to remove the woman.

"I’m so thankful my crew was there, but I won’t always be with them when I’m covering a story. What if they don’t like the look of me? They can tell a TV reporter immediately. I’m made up to high heaven," she said.

Of course, this wasn't the first time Lee has had interesting interactions while reporting a story. "I’ve been heckled, having people jump into the shot, having people touch you in a friendly or unfriendly way" she says. And one time last fall a man groped her outside of Penn Station as she was about to go on the air.

Oh, and in case you were wondering how Lee's co-workers are handling the incident: The news station put out a short statement saying, "We’re happy that she’s okay."