Back in 2002, former NY1 reporter sued the local news station for creating a hostile work environment. Among Adele Sammarco's claims were that one reporter Photoshopped her photograph to show her with "giant breasts and the photo was then plastered all over the newsroom" and that another NY1 anchor "attacked" her in his car. Now the Daily News reports that the witness list submitted for the case is long and features a "who's who of New York journalism."

Sammarco was a criminal justice reporter at NY1 until she was dismissed in 2001. She said that she was fired because she complained about the photo—which was allegedly created and distributed by Jeff Simmons, a former reporter who is now press secretary for City Comptroller Bill Thompson—while NY1 says she was fired because her work was no longer good. This 2006 Post article, which has a photo of the Photoshopped picture, details many of Sammarco's allegations, including how "many of the News assistants regularly referred to her by the acronym 'BBB' and later told her the nickname stood for 'Big Butt Booty'" and that Vice President of Programming Steve Paulus had "a dozen news assistants rate who had 'bigger boobs' - Sammarco or another reporter. Sammarco won."

Naturally, Simmons is on the witness list, as are FBI spokesman John Miller (he used to cover criminal justice for WNBC 4). The News explains, "Both sides filed a pretrial order last week naming about 100 potential witnesses - including Channel 4 reporters and New York 1 alums Jonathan Dienst and Melissa Russo; current New York 1 staffers Rebecca Spitz, Roma Torre, Annika Pergament and Dominic Carter...Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jimmy Breslin rounds out Sammarco's list." We bet Gary Anthony Ramsay has a lot to say about this! The case is supposed to go to trial this year.