According to the NY Post, NY1 senior political reporter and host of "Inside City Hall" Dominic Carter is due in Rockland County Family Court, because his wife had repeatedly accused him of "punching, choking and kicking her in their suburban home... Cops were called to the Carters' Rockland County house four times in the last two years for domestic disputes, police records show." Update: Carter's attempted assault conviction was overturned in 2011.

The Post details a few of the incidents, saying the "most violent" one "occurred Oct. 22, 2008," in which Marilyn Carter "told cops, Dominic twice punched her in the face, 'causing a swollen bottom lip,' and grabbed her around her throat, "causing scratches and minor bleeding from behind her left ear...Dominic also repeatedly punched her in the right upper arm and 'kicked her in her lower right shin, causing a small cut with minor bleeding,' the records said."

NY1's general manager Steve Paulus told the paper, "This is a domestic matter involving one of our employees and it's our policy not to comment," but the Post points out, "Hours after The Post's inquiries, Carter was noticeably absent from his seat hosting 'Inside City Hall' last night."

Two years ago, Carter wrote a memoir, No Momma's Boy, detailing the physical and sexual abuse he endured under his schizophrenic mother, who also tried to strangle him as an infant.

Update: The Daily News caught up with Carter before he headed into court—and his wife was there too. He said, "I would never strike my wife. Domestic violence is no joke and I don't take it lightly," while adding it was a "misunderstanding" and "There are certain things that I can't say because it's personal and private and I don't want to destroy my wife's character." Marilyn Carter said, "My husband's character is being assassinated. We are headed to the courthouse in order to clear these charges up."