Earlier this year, two women were arrested at JFK Airport when U.S. Customs officials found that they were wearing "cocaine diapers" fashioned out of duct tape—and carrying 6.5 kilos of cocaine. Now one of them has just been sentenced for the crime of fashion.

Michelle Blassingale, 36, will serve two years in prison for taking the fateful flight from the Dominican Republic. Officials had noticed Priscilla Pena and Blassingale, who was promised $9,000 to smuggle in the drugs, because they were walking with an "awkward gait." A pat-down then revealed a "hard object" in the pants—the DIY drug girdles—and Blassingale then admitted a man in the D.R. had given her a package to take back to NYC.

The value of the drugs in Blassingale's diaper is around $85,000. Pena will be sentenced later.