A recent nationwide round-up of metropolitan commutes placed NYC's sort of near the top of the list, at sixth place. But of the area's highways and byways, the Cross Bronx Expressway is a standout for congestion, reported the Daily Beast. “There’s an old phrase that we used to have: too many cars and not enough roadway, and that fits the Cross Bronx to a T,” said Tom Kaminski, traffic reporter for WCBS 880. “There’s no room to expand, there’s no way to throw in an additional lane or an additional shoulder—people have started changing their driving habits whenever they can.”

Those who've experienced the expressway's daily congestion and crawling 11.2 mph pace at the worst point of bottle necking may be surprised it didn't come in at first, but count your blessings. San Francisco, Austin, DC and Honolulu offer even worse commutes. Of course the top honor for traffic tedium goes to LA, which just wishes it had a river, or two, to pave over.