It's just nine days until Primary Day (September 12) and the NY Times uses the slow Labor Day weekend to make it official: It endorses Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Senate primary. The NY Times has a lengthy analysis of her support of the war, as Clinton's only Democratic challenger has been extreme underdog Jonathan Tasini, noting her support of the war has been very diffent and less unfailing than Senator Joseph Lieberman's. The Times notes that while Clinton has been more interested in her political capital, it doesn't seem like Tasini will work well with others. And Clinton has been a "happy surprise for many doubters since she first won office in 2000... She has found the right alance between bipartisanship and the responsibility of the minority party to be both watchdog and whistle-blower on behalf of the public."

And we're pretty sure that Hillary will be who the Times endorses come November, since the GOP seems to be going through the motions with their candidates.