Hey, it's time for another NY Times poll. This one asked registered voters in Manhattan about Rep. Charles Rangel: "70 percent of Manhattan voters want him to end his Congressional career: 46 percent said he should give up his campaign and step down at the end of his term, and 24 percent said he should resign now. Twenty-three percent said he should seek a new term."

Of course, there's a caveat with the poll: The poll was conducted of voters (195 total) in all of Manhattan, while Rangel's district, the 15th, is only upper Manhattan, plus Rikers Island and a small part of Queens. A Flatiron District resident said, "I feel he should have known that you can have only one rent-stabilized apartment and it has to be your primary residence. Having four is not legal," referring to one of Rangel's many ethics woes, "I don’t think he should resign because the term is almost over anyway, but he should not run again."

However, an Upper West Side resident said, "I am in his district, and everyone here says the same thing. We think he is well qualified. He is always available and has done a good job for his community. The fact that we’ve kept him there for a long time should speak for itself. Why would we change now? We voted for him for a reason." Yesterday, the Daily News found, "Harlem voters say their two top contenders for Congress - incumbent Charles Rangel and Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV - leave them with a choice between bad and worse. 'Everybody wishes there were better options,' said Pax Williams, a 33-year-old party promoter who plans to vote for Rangel because 'you don't want to get anyone worse.'" The primary is on September 14.