Subway ridership study; Graphic: NY Times

The New York Times' City section was devoted to the subway yesterday, and Gothamist is happy to live in the city to have gotten a print copy of it. Quick, read it online if you missed it - there was:

- Guide to restaurants at the end of the line
- A piece about subway crushes
- NYC scholar (and Columbia professor) Kenneth T. Jackson wondering what if the subway never was
- A look at how crowded the subway can get during different times of day (above; morning rush hour sucks)
- One new New Yorker's trials with learning the ropes of the subway
- A look at Abandoned subway stations
- A subway A to Z
- A fabulous rendering of life in Brooklyn, off the F train by Danny Gregory (excerpt below)
- Various monumental moments in subway history (like when the Warriors comes out)

Plus there are some great interactive features online, like Times reporter David Dunlap giving background on the Times Square station and photographer Bruce Davidson describing taking pictures on the subway in 1979 and 1980.

F train life by Danny Gregory for the NY Times

The Times' Randy Kennedy is giving a reading of his upcoming book of NY subway stories, Subwayland, at Half King tonight.