The NY Times endorsed incumbent NJ governor Jon Corzine for re-election, but not before going through his flaws: "Most New Jersey voters find him astonishingly inarticulate, and his credentials as a former co-chairman of Goldman Sachs do not seem as impressive as they did before the financial meltdown in 2008. He has poured lots of his personal wealth into this race, far too much of it for biting — and sometimes juvenile — attacks on Mr. Christie. In his second term, we would like to see him back away from the state’s unions."

However, the Times added that he "is a decent man with a laudable set of goals for his state." Corzine has been catching up in the polls, with Republican challenger Chris Christie leading by a point in a recent Quinnipiac poll—and Corzine will be aided by Vice President Joe Biden in a campaign event today, former President Bill Clinton in two events tomorrow, and President Obama on Wednesday.

The Star-Ledger endorsed third-party candidate Chris Daggett.