There are five contenders vying for the Democratic nomination to run for NY State Attorney General. The race has drawn limited interest of voters—last month, a poll found that 81% of Democrats had no idea who they would vote for—but now the NY Times has entered the fray with its endorsement of State Senator Eric Schneiderman, "because of his sound judgment, legal expertise, political independence and long history of fighting for government reform... During his 12 years in the Senate, he championed important laws protecting women’s rights and repealing the overly harsh Rockefeller-era drug laws, and he challenged his party’s leaders when they chose expedience over conviction."

The Times note they were concerned about Albany's dysfunction and "whether any member of the Legislature could be entrusted with this job," but "Mr. Schneiderman has demonstrated beyond a doubt his commitment to cleaner and more transparent government." Schneiderman's spokesman James Freedland said, "We are humbled and absolutely honored that the New York Times has endorsed Eric Schneiderman for his lifelong record of fighting for progressive justice for all New Yorkers. As Attorney General, Eric will be a true reformer who will deliver change to our state government and ensure that our justice system will be both color blind and fair."

The Times give runner-up honors to Eric Dinallo, a former state insurance superintendent as well as former assistant attorney general under Eliot Spitzer but he "has yet to demonstrate the muscular public advocacy we have seen from Mr. Schneiderman." As for the campaign cash frontrunner, Kathleen Rice, the Times calls her a "credible" Nassau County DA "but her grasp of the challenges and opportunities facing the next attorney general is too limited. Her failure to vote until 2002, when she was 37, is also troubling."