2006_08_markgreen.jpgThe NY Times doled out two big endorsements for the upcoming Democratic primaries this weekend: One for Attorney General and the other for Governor. And Mark Green, the former city Public Advocate, gets the nod, even though the editoral starts out, "If there are excellent Democratic candidates for governor this year, the race to succeed Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is a lot more contentious and a lot less promising." Green's "prickly personality" is noted, as is "when elected, he has always repaid voters by doing the job well." While Andrew Cuomo's mixed record at HUD is cited as enough to make being AG questionable.

And of the "excellent candidates" for Governor, the Times endorses Spitzer. We recommend you read the endorsement, because it outlines both men's flaws and strengths. Ultimately, Spitzer's name recognition on a national level gives him the edge, though Suozzi gets credit for putting his actions behind his criticism of Albany.

And you may have received your orange flyers from the Board of Elections telling you where and when to vote: For registered Democrats and Republicans, the primary is on September 12, while the general election is on November 7.

Photograph of Mark Green during the Gay Pride Parade; via Green's campaign website, which notes he's "always OUT for you"