2008_08_cubes.jpgA longtime NY Times employee is suing the Gray Lady for not promoting him. Charles Cretella, who is, per the Post, "a part-time copy editor who's been with the Gray Lady since 1968," claims the company discriminated against him due to his age and sexual harassment allegations. Cretella was suspended for "inappropriate behavior towards a new hire," but Cretella says the hire was the inappropriate one. Cretella's lawsuit says, according to the Daily News, that the younger man would whisper to him, "Do you miss me?" when walking by or once "rubbed himself through his pants for 20 minutes in his cubicle." Cretella admits to giving his colleague a hand-me-down jacket and letting him take candy, but says, "I am having to defend myself in a $3 billion company for giving away some gummy bears and candy corn?"