The NY Times has issued a new editorial about President George Bush. Basically, it talks about how the nation is very divided, what the voters were looking for in each candidate when they went to the polls last night, and how the President needs to ease back from his conversative-base appealing stances on domestic issues in order to get the public behind him - not propel our country furhter into bipartisanship ("But lawmakers can't lead themselves into a bipartisan consensus. Only a president can create a new mood, and he can do it only by sacrificing his own short-term political advantage on occasion for the common good."). Gothamist appreciates that the NY Times is pointing this out, because we hope BOTH parties can grow candidates who can appeal to constituents with sound plans, instead of invective, that can make us feel good about the place we live. Because while all this talk of secession is fun and all, it'll take a while to enact.