Today, the NY Times Editorial Board endorsed a transportation coalition's proposal to drum up more cash for the MTA by charging tolls on East River bridges and implementing congestion pricing in parts of Manhattan, urging Governor Cuomo to approve the plan and spare us some of the subway-related misery that's been crushing our souls and literally our bodies for the last few years.

The plan, put forth by Move NY and introduced in the State Assembly in March, proposes a number of changes that would save the MTA. These include the aforementioned $5.54 cashless tolls on the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Queensboro bridges in both directions; a toll on roads crossing 60th Street in Manhattan, which the M.T.A. could charge at different prices depending on the time of the day to mitigate congestion; lower tolls on bridges like the Triborough, Whitestone, Verrazano Narrows and Throgs Neck; and a surcharge for taxis traveling below 110th Street on the West Side and below 96th Street on the East Side (while exempting them from East River tolls). The plan's design was spearheaded by "Gridlock" Sam Schwartz, one of the country's leading transportation engineers and one of the city's head transportation commissioners from 1982 to 1990.

The Times points out that the plan could generate around $1.35 billion a year in revenue that would get put back into our transportation system. Those badly-needed funds could help the agency run more trains and buses, add stations and service in the city's "transit deserts," and enable the MTA to upgrade and repair an obviously deteriorating system. And best of all, the funds could finally help the agency start work on all the big, sexy proposals they've been floating around over the years, like Phases II-IV on the Second Ave Subway, the Triboro Rx line that would connect the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn over existing rail tracks, and upgrades to the LIRR and Metro-North trains.

Of course, there's a roadblock:

Perhaps Cuomo will be more inclined to help us out, now that he has ridden a bus.