So the New York Times has a long story today framed around the Jets' pretty, pious and allegedly chaste quarterback Tim Tebow. Let us sum it up for you: Virginity happens, even in New York City!

Seriously, that is pretty much the whole story. Because nobody has real stats on how many Americans, let alone New Yorkers, still have their V-cards, it is very difficult to write about adult virgins without picking a few trend examples and giving some broad, broad statistics. The main one? "A study released in 2006 by the Guttmacher Institute, which is based in Manhattan, said that by age 30, 93 percent of respondents had had premarital sex."

The writer didn't even get any embarrassing quotes or make any Donna Martin references. Instead, the paper of record gives a nice, calm look at the lives of a few adults (mostly religious) who haven't had sex yet. As you would expect, it is not easy out here for the sexless. But Bible study groups help, it seems, as do online dating and religious mixers. Especially for Mormons—one talks about coming to the city knowing nobody and in a week getting invited to two Mormon rooftop parties and a wedding.

Still, apparently virgin Tebow is lucky to be moving to the city at the ripe age of 25. According to virginal model Trinity Laurel, "Twenty-four is a really tough age. You’ve been out of college a couple of years. You’ve had some fun." Luckily for Lauren there is a group out there waiting to help the chaste catwalk walkers: Models For Christ.