So the NY Times still hasn't posted its "sexting partners of Anthony Weiner" story, but the apparent "Anthony Weiner is a jerk" narrative still gets ink with a long, front-page article about Weiner's history in Congress: "In 12 ½ years in Congress, he sponsored and wrote only one bill that he steered to enactment: a measure pushed by a family friend who gave his campaigns tens of thousands of dollars in donations."

There's also his "petulant" behavior as a boss:

He sometimes asked aides to call air-traffic control to see if his plane could be moved up in the departure order.

In a car, he was difficult. Mr. Weiner would take the front passenger seat, argue over directions and insist on making every yellow light, pointing to the car ahead and declaring: “If he makes it, you make it.”

His staff had the highest turnover in the New York City delegation, and some aides complained about his behavior. In 2005, he became so irritated with a staff member that he threw a salad against the wall, then left the room as the dressing slowly dripped, leaving a stain. Another time, arguing with an aide, Mr. Weiner threw his BlackBerry against a wall, then blamed the aide for the broken phone.

“It was like ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ ” recalled Stacey E. Fitzpatrick, a lawyer in Seattle who worked for Mr. Weiner on the City Council.

While he does get credit for some things, like getting the Army Corps of Engineers to repair beach erosion on the Belt Parkway and getting Newtown Creek declared a Superfund site (it was an "impulsive" suggestion), many of his Congressional colleagues kinda hated him because he would only participate in events if he could bask in the spotlight. Former Rep. Zachary Space (D-Ohio) told the Times, "It was like he had a megaphone surgically attached to his mouth. His unwillingness to be a team player did compromise his ability to be an effective congressman. I don’t care if you’re a congressman, or president, or mayor or a city councilman — you can’t do it yourself."

Weiner has previously said, "I make no apologies for the idea that I am a hard-driving, aggressive problem solver for people. I think the overwhelming number of city workers have that same spirit." Well, he apparently thinks he'll be able to force someone (probably City Council Speaker Christine Quinn) into a runoff.