Who doesn't love an embattled, corrupt governor? Especially when he was apparently trying to sell President-elect Obama's Senate seat? Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is on the cover of the NY Post and Daily News, which devote a serious amount of ink to the scandal. Of course, we're a little disappointed there's no board game imagery on the Post's front page—it wasOperation Board Games and all.

The Post editorial reads, "Hey, Patrick Fitzgerald: When you fin ish cleaning up Crook - er, Cook - County, how about flying over to Albany and flipping over a few rocks? The Post will gladly pay the airfare." The Daily News, which lists Blago's various demands, notes that his "language would have made a Gotti blush."

As for a connection to NYC, the NY Times reports that Bradley Tusk, who is working on Mayor Bloomberg's 2009 re-election effort, "is a former top deputy and trusted adviser" to Blagojevich. However, "weeks ago, the adviser, Bradley Tusk, told aides to Mr. Bloomberg that he had not been involved in any improper behavior in Mr. Blagojevich’s administration, a person who was told of the conversations said." Mayor Bloomberg told reporters, in conversations, Tusk brought up his work with Blago, "Bradley is an honest, hard-working, competent guy" who “never had anything to do with parts of that administration."

And for some Blagojevich fun, Blago as Blego and he looks like a kid in this court room sketch.