A five-year-old in Jamestown--60 miles south of Buffalo--managed to take his grandmother's pickup truck for a drive. And it was caught on tape!

WIVB-TV reports the boy "got into the unlocked truck, turned on the wipers, the headlights and rotated the ignition...He managed to hit the gas and sideswipe a parked car before spinning back into the parking lot and hitting the car again." Then he crossed the street, hit a fence and "plunged down a 12-foot embankment." Luckily, he only suffered an arm injury.

Apparently the boy was able to start the car because the ignition was broken. The child isn't the first very underage driver to strike: A 12-year-old who was mad at his mom drove off (with his 7-year-old brother in tow) from his Kew Gardens home to a friend's in Elmhurst and a 9-year-old once drove a mile in NJ before crashing into cars and an 84-year-old.