With the start of the 2006 calendar year weeks away, the wrangling for governor will be more earnest, but right now, the troubles are within the state's Republican party. New York magazine has a fun guide to GOP rivalries and backstabbing that helps elucidate the situation, though Ed Cox is nowhere to be seen (Cox is rumored to be another GOP choice, instead of Westchester DA Jeannine Pirro, to run against Hillary Clinton). The NY Times has a feature about Pataki's problems, with one anonymous Democrat suggesting that the state will be controlled by Democratic Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver and State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (a Republican!), which sounds scary to us.

Finally, the Post looks at how Pirro's husband has been manuvering to get her out of the senatorial race. To paraphrase Dirk Calloway, with husbands like that, who needs husbands? Net net, the state Republican party is as screwed as New York City's Democratic party and will probably remain that way for the next four years.