The only thing falling faster than the acorns on the trees these days is government funding for the embattled community organizing group of the same name. After lopsided votes in both the Senate and the House earlier in the week to cut off federal money from ACORN, yesterday Governor Paterson ordered state agencies not to move forward on contracts with the group.

The move from Paterson comes after state Republicans have been railing ACORN after the brouhaha that came about after a right-wing filmmaker came forward with an undercover video where he posed as a pimp and used the agency for assistance in getting tax breaks. The incident is currently under investigation by the Brooklyn DA's office and being monitored by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

The head of ACORN for the state, Pat Boone, said that he has no problem with Paterson's move, but feels that the organization will be vindicated. Boone released an "Ain't That a Shame" statement saying, "ACORN condemns the behavior depicted on these videotapes and is committed to taking every necessary step to regain the public trust...We welcome the governor’s review and are confident he will find that every state dollar we’ve received went directly to combating New York’s foreclosure crisis."