It's believed that indicted NY State Senate majority leader Dean Skelos will step down from his powerful position today. And in true Albany fashion, figuring out what will happen next is taking place during sad frozen pizza summit meetings.

According to Newsday, "The two most likely successors, Sens. John DeFrancisco (R-Syracuse) and John Flanagan (R-East Northport), baked and shared a frozen pizza Sunday night at DeFrancisco's Albany apartment, but reached no deal."

Reached for comment, former mayor of Albany (for one day, unpaid) and Gothamist managing editor, John Del Signore blasted the decisions made at the highest level state government: "We deserve politicians with better taste." Though he did admit, "I guess there probably are some good frozen pizzas—I just don't know them."

Anyway, DeFrancisco may be poised to take over the conference, shifting power upstate. Skelos is accused of steering political donors to essentially employ his feckless son. How big a loser is Adam Skelos? Well, the NY Times' feature about him notes, "As an employee, he frequently changed jobs and displayed a variable degree of commitment to his work: At least one employer — the re-election campaign of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg — stopped paying him because he stopped showing up for work."

Update: Skelos has resigned as majority leader. The pizza tea leaves remain cloudy.