A Staten Island woman has filed a lawsuit against the NY State Lottery, claiming that the ads for Take Five scratch-off lotto tickets were misleading about the odds. A lawyer for "M. Mckee" said, "They're trying to claim the odds are 1-in-9 when they're actually 1-in-109." The most likely scenario is actually a "Quick Pick Free Play."

The NY State Lottery explains, "The clear message is that the 1-in-9 odds definitely includes winning a free play, and that's conveyed in our brochure and on our Web site." If you look at the Take Five website, the odds are clearly stated, with the advertising's spokesman, "Little Bit of Luck," talking about the one-in-nine chances.

The lawsuit would also hold some merchants who sell Take Five tickets liable. Also to note: M. McKee is described as an "avid" Take Five player.