The Board of Law Examiners accidentally posted a possibly incomplete list of Bar Exam results from this past July's test on the BOLE website this past Friday. Though they deny that it even happened, telling Above The Law "We didn’t post any results", “We have not distributed any results" and "The results must have come from somewhere else" they are probably just trying to cover their hides, because there's a screenshot of it. And that speaks louder than any "no", "hell no" and "I don't think so!" ever will. So how did the soon to be (hopefully employed) lawyers do?

According to the New York Law Journal, "Of the 11,557 candidates for the bar who took the test on July 27-28, 70 percent passed, according to the board. Of the first-time test-takers, 78 percent passed and of the first-time test-takers among graduates of American Bar Association-approved schools, 86 percent passed." We want to know the passage rate of people who didn't go to an ABA approved law school!

The BOLE was originally going to release the list of passing candidates tomorrow, but will instead release it today.