To follow up on the earlier story about the 19 year-old NY State Assembly intern who claimed that Harlem Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell 4th, gave her alcohol in his motel room, the intern said that Powell raped her, then recanted the rape charge, saying the sex was consensual (the police may still press charges against Powell, since alcohol may have comprised the intern's decision making facilities). The Post looks at how the NY State Assembly is "like a frat house," with politicians eyeing interns like fresh meat, placing bets on sleeping with interns and scouting them when they first come. One intern tells the Post, "After interning at the New York State Assembly, I've come to realize I don't want to be involved in politics." Okay, Gothamist has to say it again: After Monica Lewinksy, have people learned nothing? Or is it the thrill of jeopardizing your career that's the big attraction? Clearly, in the case of Powell and the intern, he was stupid to invite her to his room in the first place and the intern was stupid to go there. Where is the common sense? Wait, we're talking about politicians and teenagers. Never mind.

For more evidence that the world of politics may not be very sensical: Wonkette