Noted Scott Disick aficionados Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married yesterday in Florence, Italy. Not that the NY Post cares about this at all, as you can see from the curt coverage of the article above. They're so over it, like, ya know, it's 2014, so over it, ya know? Although, it mostly sounds like somebody's mad their invitation to the wedding got lost in the mail.

Because while the Post got snarky in the piece above, they still found room to post three separate articles about the wedding online in the last 24 hours. That includes breaking news coverage of Jay-Z and Beyoncé skipping the nuptials, a detailed description of the wedding proceedings (including a photo of THE MOMENT they said 'I do'), and most importantly, speculation about Rob Kardashian leaving the wedding early because his family hates that he's fat. Seriously, 210 words on Sad Rob Kardashian.

But all that is mere appetizer for the main course that will be Andrea Peyser's column on this—Peyser season approaches, fuck whatever ya'll been hearing, a monster's about to come alive again!