If Vogue is calling Bushwick the 7th coolest neighborhood in the world, then of course lots of newcomers are going to look for apartments. But as real estate prices rise there and in Bed-Stuy, the Post warns that gentrifiers are getting attacked, mugged, and burglarized.

The Post's police sources tell them, "All I can say is there should be a sign that reads, ‘Buyer beware,’ " and "A lot of the white folks moving into these areas are from out of state.They walk around as if they own the place... then they get robbed… The problem is they’re moving into their beautiful home with all these housing projects around them. That’s where the crime comes from."

The paper hit the streets to scaremonger IRL, and found 29-year-old Paulina Jamet, who was checking out an open house on Quincy Street going for $1.3 million. She told them, “I’ve seen how fast the new neighbors are moving in. More people like me are moving in and changing the neighborhood. So that’s comforting.” Oh really Paulina? The Post countered her search for comfort with a report about a 35-year-old gunned down just a block away from her would-be dream home.

The paper also mapped out crimes, million-dollar listings, and expensive rentals. One real estate agent admitted, "People still have to be really careful. I want to call it a neighborhood in transition," while a longtime-resident said, "At night, the freaks come out."

So… we should all move to Jersey City?