NY Post Rumored To Raise Price Of Priceless Newspaper

Some classic NY Post covers
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Some classic NY Post covers

The price of perfection is about to be raised ever so higher: according to Adweek, the NY Post is raising the newsstand price of the paper a quarter, to 75 cents, next Monday. The secret initiative came with its own mandate from the higher-ups to put out better stories to offset the change in price: “The boss himself has put the order out that [the paper] will be even greater than usual. He’ll be looking for what is there and what is lacking. So, please, pull some good ones out of your bags of tricks,” said one memo to the reporters.

It's understandable that the Post would be nervous about the shift—after they gained a slight edge over the Daily News in terms of circulation in 2007, they raised the price a quarter only to have the News cut prices in half. That initiative only lasted ten days, but the Post eventually raised the daily price to 50 cents in 2008. The Daily News, which has a slightly higher circulation (512,520), still costs 50 cents.

In addition to that concern about competition, Adweek says the price increase is a surprise because of how much money and circulation the paper is bleeding—the Post had a circulation of 667,119 in 2007 (which already 5 percent from six months before that), and has a circulation of 501,501 today. They also note that the Rupert Murdoch-owned paper "reportedly loses tens of millions of dollars every year."

Oh sure, you could spend $2 on the NY Times on a weekday (and over $5 on Sundays)...or you could just read the entire NY Post (and News) online. Or, if you really do want the physical paper, you can always fish a copy out of the trash on any street corner. Then, you could put that extra quarter toward good use, like buying a stick of gum!

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