buffadog.jpgThe NY Post reports that one of their own, Denise Buffa, is suing Con Ed. Buffa, a Post reporter, told the heartbreaking tale of her dog being shocked last June; the 100-pound Italian mastiff died after his encounter with the electrified light pole in Marcus Garvey Park.

Regarding the negligence suit against them, a Con Ed spokeswoman told The Post that they "weren't involved because the city owns the light poles," and the DoT declined comment. A year ago the DoT told Buffa to call Con Ed, and Con Ed told her "they got leakage here somewhere, they've got to correct it." However, they followed up to let her know light poles are city property.

The most recently reported dog who has succumbed to a shock was in Long Island City; the DoT told ABC that there was a stray voltage but were "not able to confirm if it was ConEd or DOT." Perhaps Buffa's suit will help both agencies understand their responsibilities: Two years ago, when a dog was fatally electrocuted in Brooklyn, Con Ed claimed the city was at fault for stray voltage where a street lamp had once been; it turned out the city had removed the lamp and asked Con Ed to turn off the power, but Con Ed never did.

Photo of Buffa and her dog via the NY Post.