Yankees captain Derek Jeter is still rehabilitating since he suffered a fractured left ankle in the first game of the ALCS this year. The NY Post caught a glimpse of him at a hotel on South Beach in Miami yesterday, and responded by dubbing him "Derek Eater" on their back cover. We haven't seen fat shaming this bad since Betty Draper made sweet love to whipped cream in season 5 of Mad Men.

Of course, it's kind of hard to tell if Jeter actually is "fat," as they allege, or if the photographer just caught him on a windy day at a very bad angle. He's certainly no Fat Lee Adama. And regardless, there's a good reason for why he may have added a few pounds this offseason: general manager Brian Cashman told them Jeter has been in a non-weight bearing situation and will continue to be until January. In other words, he can't really work out right now. Hopefully Jeter has a lot of signed baseballs ready—because it's going to take a lot of one-night stands to get over the sting of the Post.