It's been nearly a month since mother-of-four Anna Gristina has been accused of running a multimillion-dollar prostitution ring.Aside from allegations that she has a juicy client list that may or may not include former presidential candidate John Edwards and that she's a "vindictive bitch", most of the recent news has been about the money laundering angle. Until now: The Observer suggests that NY Post editor-in-chief Col Allan was mentioned by Gristina in conversations recorded by the authorities.

Per the Observer, "Ms. Gristina reportedly boasted of her years-long close association with [Allan] whom she referred to as a 'very, very good friend,' and explained that she had personally been responsible for tips leading to more than a few of the Post’s most memorable cover stories." Further, the Post's bitter rival, the Daily News, allegedly knew that Allan was mentioned in the recording transcripts but "when presented with the information regarding Mr. Allan, newly installed New York Daily News editor Colin Myler shrugged off its importance, and tabled the item, ostensibly for more in-depth consideration in the immediate future. That didn’t happen." A source claims, 'Colin got whisked away to London. When he got back, the story was dead."

Allan denied the Observer story, demanding a retraction, "The Observer’s report is nothing but a smear and a lie." Further, Post reporter Jeane Macintosh wrote a story today insisting that she was Gristina's friend mentioned at the Post— Gristina told Macintosh today (from Rikers Island), "I don’t know who Col Allan is,” she said. “I have never met him. I have never heard his name until today." Gristina says the recorded conversation was with a woman involved in the prostitution case against Kristin Davis, "I told her I had a relationship with someone at The Post [meaning me, Jeane MacIntosh] who was a good friend, and that I had provided information to The Post in the past.”

Still, for conspiracy theorists, former Daily News editor-in-chief Martin Dunn lays it out in a column for the Guardian:

An obvious reason for the change is the closeness of Col Allan and the Daily News' recently appointed Editor-in-Chief Colin Myler. Myler was deputy editor of the Post for several years before returning to the UK to edit the News of the World.

Others speculate that in a climate where print products are struggling, there is a quiet understanding between News and Post owners Mort Zuckerman and Rupert Murdoch not to trash each other's organizations. Better that dirty laundry stays hidden in the closet.