Unless you're the NY Post, the existence of expensive high-end marijuana vaporizers and e-weed contraptions is not exactly a new thing. People have been using e-cigs to get high as long as e-cigs have existed, and items like the Volcano Vaporizer have been around for almost a decade. But if you are the NY Post, then you better sit down for this one: well-off yuppies like to smoke marijuana too. And they like to do so in public!

The Post talked to Bushwick graphic designers, Cobble Hill filmmakers, Bayonne bartenders, Bushwick musicians, Crown Heights teachers, and Financial District nonprofit workers to find out all about how gainfully employed professionals are sucking on the wacky weed in movie theaters, baseball stadiums, subways, airplanes, and public parks. “I have used it in Brooklyn Bowl, the Gutter, Yankee Stadium, many streets, bars, parks, people’s homes,” a 29-year-old educator who lives in Crown Heights told the paper, referring to his walkie-talkie -esque handheld vaporizer Iolite.

But this isn't just about blazing during a Mets game or sneaking in a smoke before seeing Gravity in IMAX 3D for the fourth time—this is also about sinuses. “I smoke so much, I’d been giving myself sinus infections,” says one 25-year-old graphic designer who switched from bowls and joints to a Pax Vaporizer. “It feels so much better to be smoking a vaporizer. I’ve been getting sick less.”

So if you're a captain of industry looking to diversify your THC ingestion system and perhaps avoid some meddlesome infections, all you need is $250-700 to join the future. The Post thinks you'll have a much better time at your next pig roast.