Today the NY Post breaks news about an Internet phenomenon called Passive Aggressive Notes, a hilarious "new Web site"... that launched three years ago. We hate to be the ones to say, "Um, 2007 called and wants its "Don't Tase Me, Bro" video back," but why pass up a chance to bust on the Post—such opportunities only come once or twice a day. Kerry Miller, the site's creator, gave us her reaction:

My first thought was something like: "Three and a half years old is 'new'? Does the Post not realize that the Internet ages in dog years?" Then I got to the paragraph that says I'm 'publishing a book'...when the book actually came out two years ago, and it began to seem like a case of journalistic magical thinking to me. ('If I say there's a news peg...there WILL be a news peg!')

Needless to say, I won't be taking advantage of the amazing offer I was e-mailed about this morning to have the article professionally matted and framed for the low, low price of $177.