Back in 1983 when he was a student at NYU, mayoral frontrunner Bill de Blasio visited the Soviet Union as part of a university-sponsored trip, the NY Post proudly reports today. Coincidentally, the news emerges on the eve of tomorrow's election, and could cost de Blasio the crucial 'senile conservative' demographic. Without the vote of hard-right Republicans who despise Commies and Lenny Bruce, de Blasio could have trouble winning by more than a 50% margin tomorrow. According to the tabloid:

The trips show de Blasio’s fascination as a young man with the workings of leftist and communist countries. He also honeymooned in Cuba. While de Blasio has discussed and defended his work in Nicaragua, he has said nary a word about going behind the Iron Curtain.

De Blasio listed the trip on a résumé from the 1990s. Under “travel,” he said he visited “West Africa, Europe, Israel, Puerto Rico, USSR.” A de Blasio campaign spokeswoman confirmed that her boss went to the United Soviet Socialist Republic as a student in 1983.

“When he was a presidential scholar at NYU, Bill attended an annual trip that took him to Lithuania and Russia. In other years, he traveled — along with other presidential scholars — to Spain, Israel and Senegal,” said de Blasio spokeswoman Lis Smith.

You're probably too liberal to hear it, but the Post story is accompanied by a very high-pitched whistle that, with the right set of patriotic ears, can be heard whispering "you know who else spent time in the Soviet Union? Lee Harvey Oswald."

It's unclear how long de Blasio's Soviet indoctrination period lasted, nor how many rubles he's made in the KGB's employ. But one can only speculate why he was an hour late for a press conference on Saturday morning. De Blasio claimed he overslept, but video of the appearance shows him blinking and twitching his hand in a Morse code message that translates to "In Soviet Russia, alarm clock sets YOU."