Yesterday, Chelsea Clinton announced the birth of her first child, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. Grandparents Bill and Hillary Clinton both tweeted sweet family photos of "one of the happiest moments of our life." The NY Post sent their own love letter to the happy family on the front cover today. The only thing more NY Post-y would be if Andrea Peyser wrote fan fiction about a post-apocalyptic future filled with liberal tyrants in pampers.

Of course, not everyone was as amused as we were by the Post—The Huffington Post tsk-tsk'd them, and plenty of people tweeted their disapproval. But being offended by the NY Post in 2014 is like being offended that Andy Borowitz is the most shared New Yorker writer. Terrible things that are popular don't just suddenly stop being terrible.

And this isn't even outrageous for them—did you read that venomous Peyser column about cyclists last week? Or what about the times they wantonly fat-shamed? And slut-shamed world leaders? And argued catcalling was flattering? And implicated two random innocent men were terrorists just because of their skin color?

Anyway, you do you NY Post.