Besides being the Puff The Magic Dragon Passover, April 20th is particularly notable for two birthdays that will always live in infamy around these parts: Adolf Hitler and Fenway Park, the home of the Bahston Red Sox. The NY Post celebrated the latter of the two in true NY Post-style with the loving above front cover today. But some are questioning whether the Yankees and Red Sox even have a rivalry anymore.

“It’s not a rivalry anymore," said former Red Sox member and Hall Of Famer Jim Rice. "Even when I was playing it wasn’t really a rivalry because when you have a rivalry back then you’re talking about guys that started in an organization and came up and played for both teams. Now you have the free agency. And you throw the name out there, ‘rivalry’ now, and it’s not because you have other guys that come from other organizations that did not start and continue playing with the Yankees. You’ve only got two with the Yankees just about now, Mariano (Rivera) and (Derek) Jeter.”

But Bernie Williams disagrees: "When I was playing for the Yankees, you were not allowed to lose to three teams: obviously Boston, the Mets, and could be in last place, but if you play Boston, you got to sweep them."

And looking through Bleacher Report's top 30 "intense moments" in Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, there are plenty of recent examples of the rechristened rivalry we were reminded of, from the dreaded 2004 ALCS series to the Don Zimmer/Pedro Martinez brawl:

Perhaps more importantly, as Williams points out, it doesn't necessarily matter who is on the field—it's the fans who love hating each other. And that kind of hateffection doesn't disappear even after a hundred years.